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Please view the Car Valet Options below to choose the service that you require. You can add the optional extras to any service.

Wash, Wax & Dry
(from £12.50)
Full Valet and polish
(from £80:00)
Full Valet
(from £50:00)

Showroom Valet
(from £160:00)

(Wash, Wax & Dry) From £12:50

Bodywork rinsed down
with pressure washer to get rid of excess dirt
Door sills, tyres, wheels, fuel
compartment, under wheel arch and bodywork
applied with traffic film remover
TFR on the door sills, tyres, wheels, fuel compartment, under wheel
and bodywork rinsed off with pressure washer to remove further
Wheels hand washed
Bodywork hand washed and conditioned
Bodywork applied
with wax rinse
Bodywork and door sills dried
Wheel arches dressed
bumpers dressed
Tyres dressed

Prices -

For one vehicle £20:00

For two
or more cars £12:50 per vehicle

For two or more SUV (Range Rover, Nissan
Qashqai) £15:00 per vehicle

The wash & dry is usually for regular clients
that like to keep their cars
bodywork in pristine condition.


(Full Valet & Wax) From £50:00

This valet includes everything involved in the wash,
wax & dry
Full interior including side pockets, ash tray, inside of pocket of
seats, centre console, under front & rear seats and boot vacuumed
rubbish removed
Plastic, side pockets, ash tray, centre console and foot pedals
Windows cleaned

Prices -

For cars & SUV (Vauxhall
Corsa, Ford Mondeo, VW Golf, Nissan Qashqai) £50:00

For large cars and 7
seater vehicles (BMW X6, Range Rover, Vauxhall Zafira) £80:00

This is our
most popular valet, as it is ideal for an abandoned car that
hasn't been cleaned
for a while or for upkeep maintenance with "BIG


(Full Valet plus Polish) From £80:00  

This valet includes
everything involved in the Full Valet
Bodywork de-tarred
Plastic bumpers
Bodywork applied with clay bar to remove any rail dust, fallout
Bodywork applied with Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Prices -
For two seater cars £80:00

Cars & SUV (Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Mondeo,
Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage)

Large and 7 seater vehicles (BMW X6,
Range Rover, Vauxhall Zafira) £170:00

This valet is usually sold to clients
that just love there car's bodywork
looking brand new again with a glass smooth
finish with a deep shine, or it
is also sold to clients that are selling their
car when the interior
doesn't need a shampoo, but just want the car cleaned up
with the bodywork
looking minted.

HD Wax (£30:00)
If you do really love
your car, you should try Autoglym HD Wax, as this is
the best wax in the car
cleaning industry. The wax seals the bodywork when
the car has been polished,
with the wax lasting up to 6 months or more if
the car is only washed with a
good quality shampoo.
At the price of £30 to apply this wax onto your bodywork, it is at a very
reasonable price for the length of time the wax lasts for.


(Full Valet plus Interior Shampooed) From £80:00

This valet includes
everything involved in the Full Valet
Fabric seats and carpets shampooed
including boot
Leather and leather seats cleaned and applied with leather
Spare wheel removed and cleaned
Spare wheel area vacuumed and

Prices -

Two seater cars (Smart Car/Mazda MX5) £80:00

Cars and
all SUV (Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan
Qashqai, Range
Rover) £100:00

All 7 seater vehicles (Ford C Max, Ford S Max, Land Rover
Discovery) £130:00

A lot of clients that are handing back there lease car get
this valet, as
it takes all the dirt and stains out of the carpets and
upholstery, with
the car looking how it looked when they first got the car.


(Showroom Valet) From £160:00

This valet includes the Full Valet &
Polish/HD Wax and The Full Valet and
Interior Shampooed

Prices -
seater cars (Smart Car/Mazda MX5) £160:00

Cars, suv's & X large vehicles
(Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Mondeo, VW Golf,
Nissan Qashqai, Audi Q7) £200:00

selling car favourite" Clients that usually buy this valet are selling
car. It gets the car back into a show room condition with the car
looking brand
new again, which can usually result in an extra buck if you
are selling the

Soft top roof cleaned and treated £15
HD Wax £30
 Contact us to tell us your situation. Is it a couple of scratches on the bodywork, does the entire bodywork need renovated or is there tree sap on the bodywork?


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